LSI WarpDrive SSD Card Announced With $11,500 Cost

Want a low-profile solid state storage card that reduces clutter while increasing overall performance? If you have $11,500 laying around you can pick up the LSI SLP-300 acceleration card.

Targeted at big companies, the low-profile card has the data efficiency of hundreds of hard drives, while using less than 25w power, at least that's what LSI claims.

In comparison; to reach the devices power would take more than 400 mechanical drives and 36u of rack space. You would also need more than 300 times the amount of power.

A few more specs from SlashGear:

240,000 sustained IOPS and 300GB of SLC solid state storage capacity...You can plug it directly into your standard 8 lane PCI-Express Generation 2 server slot. Once plugged in, it can take up to 1,400MB/s of throughput with access latency of under 50 microseconds.
And that is how you make all other SSD cards seem inadequate.