Vin Diesel Signs On For The Sci-Fi Flick 'Soldiers Of The Sun'

Extremely busy actor Vin Diesel has signed on to battle a legion of intergalactic villains in the upcoming sci-fi actioner Soldiers of the Sun.

Although Bruce Willis might be getting tired of doing one action movie after another, the Fast and Furious 6 star apparently has no trouble kicking cinematic butt on a regular basis. In addition to starring in the project, Diesel will also serve as producer through One Race Films.

According to The Wrap, the actor is hoping to turn Soldiers of the Sun into another lucrative franchise at Universal. Vin Diesel is already involved with the extremely successful Fast and Furious series and Riddick at the studio. Given the guy's popularity at the box office right now, this could be yet another notch in his money-making belt.

The upcoming sci-fi flick tells the story of several soldiers in the not-too-distant future who are looking for a city of gold buried somewhere in Mexico. Along the way, they'll have to contend with a group of blood-thirsty extraterrestrials.

Grace of Monaco writer Arash Amel provided the script for the upcoming action movie. The scribe is also responsible for penning the underrated Aaron Eckhart flick Erased and the upcoming sequel I Am Legend 2.

Soldiers of the Sun isn't the only movie Vin Diesel has lined up at the moment. The guy is currently attached to star in The Last Witch Hunter for Summit Entertainment. Before production begins on that endeavor, Diesel will begin work on Fast and Furious 7 in Los Angeles.

The actor is also in talks with Marvel to provide the voice of the tree-like alien known as Groot in James Gunn's Guardians of the Galaxy. Diesel recently explained that he chose this character since he was too busy at the moment to commit to a six-month Marvel shoot.

Are you excited about the upcoming Vin Diesel flick Soldiers of the Sun?

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