‘Duck Dynasty’ Star Willie Robertson: Congressional Run Is ‘News To Me’

Duck Dynasty star Willie Robertson is the CEO of a multi-million dollar company and featured on one of the most popular reality shows on television, but it doesn’t seem like he’ll be adding Congressman to the already impressive resume.

Robertson has been the subject of political rumors that say he’s considering a run for Congress in his native Louisiana. But when the 41-year-old actually addressed the rumor he seemed to shoot down the idea.

“I got a lot going on,” he said during his appearance Tuesday on Fox News.

The rumor started after Republicans reportedly began recruiting the Duck Dynasty star to run for an open Congressional seat in his native Louisiana.

He would seem to have the chops for it. Aside from the goofiness of the A&E reality show, Willie is the CEO of Duck Commander and Buck Commander, companies with millions of dollars in annual revenue and a large share of the hunting market.

He’s also got a built-in audience of millions thanks to the show, which has given him and the entire Robertson family a chance to show off their down-home values and deep Christian faith.

Willie Robertson has also shown to be pretty well-rounded on the issues. Though he’s a strong supporter of the Second Amendment — and reportedly under consideration to join the board of the National Rifle Association — Willie has said he’s okay with background checks for gun sales.

Willie’s also said he dislikes how much division there seems to be in America, especially when it comes to politics, and hopes Duck Dynasty can help people come together.

There also seems to be a precedent for jumping from the entertainment world to Washington. California voters elected singer and variety show star Sonny Bono and action star Arnold Schwarzenegger, and in Minnesota voters put Saturday Night Live writer and star Al Franken into the Senate.

But it appears that for now, Willie Robertson is sticking to Duck Dynasty and staying away from Congress.

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