Associated Content Is Now Yahoo Contributor Network

Yahoo has continued its integration of content producer Associated Content (AC) with a name change to the Yahoo Contributor Network.

The change of name will also see further integration of Associated Content’s algorithm based content production into Yahoo’s growing stable of content sites. Along with the SEO chasing AC is renowned for, Yahoo site editors will also use the service to supplement Yahoo’s team of full time and part time professional writers.

Associated Content co-founder Luke Beatty told PaidContent that freelancers are not intended as replacements for the professional staff of journalists that Yahoo employs. “If there’s a sports story, we can get someone to write about how it looks from their community,” Beatty said. “Or if there’s a news story about the mortgage crisis, one of the contributors can discuss how they’ve avoided those pitfalls. It will augment the content we already have on the site with a more personal touch.”

Yahoo acquired Associated Content for $100 million in May 2010.