IF 3.5″ Floppies Still Ruled The Roost

I can still remember the days of when floppy disks where the only way to install programs on your computer. CDs, DVDs and installing over the web were only a dream that every techie had flash through their minds as they inserted disk after disk into the floppy drive.

Now though the floppy disk has become a distant memory (thank God) replaced with DVDs and even more common place – over the web install. However designer Mehmet Gozetlik apparently still has fond memories of the floppy disk because he has created some great posters showing off various popular applications and how many disks it would take today’s version of the them to install.

  • Firefox – 12 disks
  • Firefox Add-Ons – 36 disks
  • iTunes – 46 disks
  • Adobe Photoshop CS4 – 358 disks
  • Sims 3 – 1760 disks

via Geekosystem