Penguins CEO Defends Sidney Crosby’s DMV Line Cutting

Sidney Crosby came under fire on Monday when he used a Pittsburgh celebrity law to cut through a two-hour line at the DMV. Now the CEO of the Pittsburgh Penguins has come forward to defend Crosby’s actions.

David Morehouse told the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review:

“Anyone that knows Sid or follows hockey — in Pittsburgh or anywhere — knows that’s not the person he is.”

Crosby for his part told the newspaper that there was “no need to make a big deal about it” as the press had done.

If you are unfamiliar with the situation, Sidney Crosby bypassed the DMV line because a state law allows celebrities to quickly enter and exit public places to avoid rioting.

As was reported yesterday, several people at the DMV agreed with the line cutting and several disagreed. Despite a rather split crowd, the story still made national news.

According to Morehouse, his star hockey player has never been the type of person to seek-out special status. Morehouse adds, “To think he would flaunt his status and cut in line — that’s not him.”

Crosby entered the DMV to renew his driver’s license and had made an appointment to avoid any confusion or mass hysteria.

Celebrities and people of “high status” have been given special priority for a long time in Pittsburgh, and a DMV spokesperson says it has never been a big deal in the past.

In another article with the Post-Gazette, the Penguins CEO adds:

“Anybody who has seen Sid in a public place knows his presence causes all kinds of commotion, and that he likes least to cause a big scene.”

I say let celebrities in before the building opens or after it closes, not when other people are attempting to conduct business. Let the celebrity go out of their way; don’t force others to wait because they aren’t as famous.

Do you think celebrities should be given line cutting capabilities in order to avoid mass hysteria at public places they visit?