Chinese Turtle Smokes 10 Cigarettes A Day

A chain smoking turtle is addicted to cigarettes and he currently goes through 10 a day.

Various images have emerged of the turtle smoking a cigarette, and the he is now constantly badgering his owner for one every time that he lights up himself.

Tang, the owner of the turtle who only provided media with his surname, has even admitted that sometimes they share a cigarette when he sparks up.

The turtle’s struggle with his addiction began when Tang tried to remove a chicken bone from his pet’s belly. However, the turtle wasn’t happy with his owner’s surgical abilities, but unfortunately he wasn’t born with the ability to tell him that with words so he simply bit him instead.

According to China’s Changchun Evening News, the pet owner then decided that the only way to stop getting chomped on again was to shove the cigarette that he was in the middle of smoking into the turtle’s mouth.

However, the turtle managed to immediately finish the cigarette, surprising his owner in the process, but now he is completely hooked on them.

However, Tang, who works as a chef at a villa in Changchun, the capital of northeast China’s Jilin province, is now worried that his turtle’s health is at risk, and he is asking for any tips for how to stop the animal from smoking. Apparently the turtle becomes agitated and upset when he doesn’t smoke his ten cigarettes a day.

Of course, simply not putting the cigarettes into the turtles mouth would probably be a start, because he would have to be one incredible animal to be able to make it to a shop, ask for a pack, pay for said pack, take a cigarette out, and then light it up.

Do you have any tips to give Tang that will help him in his pursuit to stop his turtle smoking?

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