Who Needs A Gun? Teen Defends Homestead With A Saw

If you don’t have a gun to protect your home, grab the next best thing: A saw.

Politics aside, it’s actually a really awesome story. Cameron Harrison, of Worcester, was sleeping peacefully one night when he heard a loud noise that jolted him awake. A burglar had broken into his house, and even poked his head into Cameron’s bedroom.

Instead of terror, Cameron reacted with true bravery and chased the burglar out of his room and down the stairs. Builders had been in the home repairing stairs and left a saw on the landing. Cameron claimed it and brandished it against the burglar.

The crook had an accomplice, and both ran from this 13-year-old kid, arms full of Harrison family possessions, out the door.

Cameron ran back inside and called his mom, who called the police. Authorities managed to nab one of the burglars a short distance from the house.

In recalling his tale, Cameron offered a simple, humble reason for his actions. Though he admitted to being afraid, another, more powerful emotion allowed him to act.

“I was just angry he was in our house and I wanted to protect the family,” he said.

His mother admitted to being “shocked” after hearing what Cameron did, but said she was proud of her “hero” son nonetheless.

I just think it’s funny that two grown men ran from a 13-year-old kid. Of the two, one is still at large while the other pleaded guilty to burglary on Monday. He was sentenced to two years in prison.

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