Geek Squad Allegedly Posts Customer/Co-Worker’s Nude Pics Online

Tuscaloosa, AL – One allegedly naughty Geek Squad employee is the target of a lawsuit which claims that the Best Buy employee posted nude photos of one of their customers online after working on her computer.

The victim is a University of Alabama art student who claims that she brought her computer to the store and paid to have a hard drive problem fixed. She was later notified by a co-worker that nude photos of her were making rounds online, and she claims that a Geek Squad employee (or employees) took the photos from her computer, uploaded them to the Internet, and linked them on Pirate Bay.

The seven-page lawsuit places the incident in late 2011, and shows that the plaintiff also worked at the very Best Buy where she was victimized. Her lawyer says that she is humiliated and devastated by the events, and will not give interviews in an effort to protect her privacy as much as possible.

The nude photos in question were not sexual in nature, but were rather professional photos that were part of her class work at the University.

“She’s shocked that these private, professional photos…she never posted them on any social media kept them only for reference or professional use for art,” her attorney said.

Though that doesn’t really matter, as MSN points out. She could very well cinch this invasion of privacy lawsuit with sexual selfies as well.

Residents of Tuscaloosa who spoke to Fox affiliate FOX6 said they were disgusted by the actions of the Best Buy employee.

“I think that’s absolutely disgusting. I’s upsetting to me that somebody would think it’s…violation of privacy obviously,” Laurel Stiff said.

“I think as a consumer, bringing your computer to a place to be fixed, it’s up to management team of Best Buy or Geek squad to….completely unethical,” said Bryan Fiese.

Best Buy, as a matter of policy, does not comment on pending litigation, and wouldn’t say whether the Geek Squad employee named in the suit had been fired.

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