Boy Prays To Obama, Conservatives Lose Their Marbles [Viral Video]

A video floating around the conservative blogosphere shows a boy apparently praying to President Obama, heaping praise on our commander-in-chief for “all the stuff you helped us with.” Naturally, conservatives are losing their minds over the video and are throwing the boy, his parents, and anyone happening to be standing in the next room under the bus for blasphemy.

“Barack Obama, thank you for doing everything and all the kind stuff… Thank you for all the stuff you helped us with,” the boy, Steven, says with eyes closed and on bended-knee.

“You are good, Barack Obama. You are great and when you get older you will be able to do great things. Love, Steven,” he concludes.

Now, it’s pretty bizarre to see a child praying to the president, as is the implication of an adult holding up a camera and recording the whole thing silently. Left or right, whenever parents use their kids to parrot their political beliefs, it inspires many a gag reflex.

But the boy’s prayer to Obama has inspired a lot of vitriolic comments on YouTube and among some conservative observers.

“What kind of a parent would allow their child to blaspheme God?” Fox News reporter Todd Starnes asked of the clip.

“Yep, this nation is done. Thank you, idiotic parents,” reads the video’s top comment.

“This video made me want to vomit. Your son is praying to a minion of evil. A tiny puppet. What’s even sadder is that you are proud of it,” wrote another.

Still, some commenters have pointed out that the video is titled “Prayer for President Barack Obama” and that the description reads “The prayer that he wanted to say for our President is priceless.”

The video’s defenders argue that being specific about “for” not “to” could make a difference here, even if the content is a little eyebrow-raising.

The video has gone viral with nearly 150,000 views as of this posting. It was uploaded on August 11, 2013 by Regina Young, who is presumably Steven’s mother.

What do you think of the video of the boy praying to President Obama? Is there an unhealthy “messianic” fixation on the president among some in this country, or is the clip pretty innocent from where you’re sitting?

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