‘StarCraft 2’ RPG Mod Seeks Kickstarter Funding

StarCraft 2 now has an RPG mod in the works, and its developers are seeking Kickstarter funding to make it happen.

StarCraft 2 is one of the best real-time strategy games ever made, debatably. It features a depth of gameplay that will keep even veteran gamers trying over and over to discover new game-winning strategies in an ever-growing collection of custom maps and modes. It’s not unheard of for some mods to turn the game into a first-person shooter. Of course, this new mod is planning to give StarCraft 2 more of an MMORPG feel. Seeing as Blizzard has already proven themselves with World Of Warcraft, turning StarCraft 2 into an RPG isn’t such a strange concept.

Upheaval Arts is planning to turn the game into a full-on MMORPG called StarCraft Universe, a game set in an alternate universe where Kerrigan is unable to save the Protoss from a mass takeover of the infected Terrans as she is sent to wander through unknown space. The game is being made with Blizzard’s permission, and the funds are being used to help the team “have the time, motivation, and resources we need to put that fresh looking AAA polish on SCU and get it out to you faster, better, and sexier.”

The team behind the StarCraft 2 mod StarCraft Universe has been working on the mod for two years with no funding whatsoever, and simply wants to make the game as good as they can. For anyone interested, there is a working prototype you can check out if you have any doubts. You must have StarCraft 2 installed beforehand, but the early game should convince you to give what you can to help it reach its full potential.

According to the StarCraft Universe gameplay trailer below, the Protoss are readying for a last stand against the oncoming invasion of the infected Terrans (humans imbued with Zerg DNA). Then we see the Zerg Overmind planning the annihilation of the Protoss race. It seems the remaining Terrans and Protoss have taken asylum in a shared shelter on an otherwise desolate world, known as Asylum Tarsonis, when it suffers an attack.

What do you think of the StarCraft 2 mod that will turn the game into an MMORPG? Would you help make it happen?

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