Starcraft 2 Not Included In MLG Columbus

Major League Gaming has announced that it will not include Starcraft 2 in MLG Columbus based upon their current plans however, a change is always possible. MLG CEO Sundance DiGiovanni announced the plans via Twitter earlier today.

This decision comes after MLG announced that they would no longer host a Starcraft 2 Tournament each year. The combination of these changes suggests that there is some sort of partnership disagreement between Blizzard and MLG, or there is simply a lack of interest in the game.

During the last two MLG World Championship Series for SC2, the prize fund was cut down to just $25,000 from its original $75,000.

Even though the game itself attracts millions of players each month, it has been receiving less attention on the MLG scene. With games like Call of Duty or League of Legends being far easier for the average person to watch and enjoy, SC2 has been pushed aside in many competitions.

DiGiovanni pointed out that there are still tons of different competitions for the game but that the title simply does not fit into their business plan anymore.

Blizzard will be hosting its own annual SC2 competition in November during the BlizzCon event in Anaheim, California. The rise of League of Legends has had a major effect on Starcraft 2’s ability to maintain its time in the spotlight.

Soon after the game became popular, the amount of people watching SC2 dropped and even the amount of players experienced a decline. Prize pools in almost all SC2 tournaments have decreased since 2012 as less die-hard fans come out to watch events, while more and more people are tuning-in to LoL on a daily basis.

With more than 60,000 people watching League of Legends on at any given time, and only a few thousand people watching SC2, it is obvious which game is more enjoyable for a vast audience to watch.

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