Will the Kings leave Sacramento?

This might make Sacramento Kings fans angry, but then again I really wonder how many Kings there actually are. That being said I should point out that attendance at Kings home games is actually up. However the team is not going to get a new stadium in Sacramento and its owners do happen to be from Las Vegas. The natural assumption would be for the Maloof family to get a NBA arena deal done in Vegas and move the team there, but many are speculating that the team could be sold and moved to Seattle.

Steve Ballmer, a huge basketball fan, made about a billion bucks selling off some of his Microsoft Stock. He has been the person at the head of getting Key Arena fixed up and he wanted the Super Sonics to stay in Seattle. The simple fact here is the Kings do not look to be getting a new arena they desperately need, and even the NBA offices have washed their hands of the situation.

Las Vegas wants to get a building built and lure a team, their is already a state of the art NBA building in Kansas City, and now maybe Ballmer steps in with his spending money and brings a team back to Seattle. There are no other NBA teams available at the moment, and lately it has seemed the Maloof brothers are more interested in their casino business than they are in continuing to run their NBA franchise.

It is far too early to speculate on this one, but if I lived in Sacramento I would be very nervous.

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