Royal Baby Photos May Be Kate Middleton’s Own Shots [Pic]

The highly anticipated royal baby photos set for imminent release may break from tradition — like much of Kate Middleton’s presence as the second-newest addition to the royal family.

Prince George’s royal baby photos will be glimpsed the world over, and excitement over the newest little monarch has infected not only the UK, but America and Europe as well.

Some initial royal baby photos hit papers worldwide when Kate and William stepped out after little baby George was born weeks ago, but many eyes were trained on Kate’s post-baby figure. (And an ensuing mini-controversy over scrutiny of “baby weight” and Kate’s choice of a maternity dress to leave the hospital resulted.)

While Kate has proven popular, one of the things fans seem to like about the young royals is their accessibility. And like many new moms and dads, it seems the couple are interested in introducing their new addition through self-snapped pics instead of a stuffy royal photoshoot.

A source told a UK tabloid that the Duchess is likely to choose a casual first pic to serve as the initial royal baby photos, saying:

“Kate has a great eye for pictures and wants the first official ones of George to be natural and in a relaxed environment.”

HollywoodLife adds:

“To start, a posed family portrait was reportedly delayed because of Prince Philip‘s ailing health — immediately following the birth of little Prince George in July, great-grandpa Prince Philip was too ill to attend an official photo session. Rather than bring the family together without him, the Duke and Duchess can release more intimate pics from home with the baby.”

However, it seems not everyone agrees. Another source sniffed that Kate’s snaps might be okay for Facebook, but certainly aren’t befitting of a baby prince. He or she opined they were “fine for the private album,” but “not good for an historic first picture of a future monarch.” Ahem.

Apparently, Twitter was okay for the official royal baby birth certificate though:

Earlier royal baby photos were posted to the official account, but not images taken by Kate:

Do you think the royal baby photos will be casual shots, or will the young couple cave to tradition and get the formal ones done?

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