Scavenger In Vegas Finds Dead Body In Dumpster

Las Vegas Police said a person digging through a dumpster on Monday evening found a dead body. Police do not know if the body is of a man, woman, or child.

The dumpster was located in a residential area near Owens Avenue and Nellis Boulevard.

Police searched for clues in the dumpster, which was overflowing with trash and mattresses.

Homicide detectives cordoned part of the northeast side of the neighborhood. They need to find out who uses the dumpsters as a first steps in determining what happened. At this stage, they aren’t certain who the person is or how old they may have been.

Metro Police Sgt. Annette Darr said, “The person described finding a body in a dumpster and asked for police assistance … police and medical teams responded and determined the person was deceased.”

Resident Scott Koch, who has lived in the area for 13 years, says the residents keep to themselves. He added that the area is also a magnet for homeless people and that there have been problems with people digging through dumpsters.

Koch continued: “There are apartments that are kind of transient. A lot of people come and go, but when you get a little farther down, and it’s a lot of families … there are a bunch of bums walking around and, last week, we noticed a couple of them missing.”

Detectives are convinced that this was no accident and believe that whoever did this is still out there. There is no word on what caused the death of the body in the dumpster.

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