Angelina Jolie Is ‘Perfect’ As Maleficent, Co-Star Raves

Sharlto Copley

According to co-star Sharlto Copley, Angelina Jolie is simply “perfect” in director Robert Stromberg’s upcoming Disney flick Maleficent.

The Elysium villain believes that fans will be pleasantly surprised by the actress’ performance in the unique take on the Sleeping Beauty tale. Copley feels that Jolie is nothing short of brilliant in the role.

“I think the role of Maleficent is so perfectly suited to her. She has this incredible range that people forget because she has become such an icon in our society with her visual look,” Copley recently explained to the Herald Sun.

Copley added that Angelina Jolie’s turn as Maleficent has many layers. Although she might appear dark and sinister on the outside, the actor said the character has a heart beneath her villainous exterior. He added that the actress gives a very “interesting performance.”

It would appear that Jolie and Sharlto Copley struck up a very unusual friendship while filming the flick for Disney. The District 9 star said that two would constantly play jokes on one another in-between takes. He described Brad Pitt’s main squeeze as a “serious prankster.”

Although he was quick to tell Access Hollywood about the pranks, he stopped short of revealing what sort of joke Angelina Jolie pulled on-set. According to Copley, her prank was nothing short of outrageous.

The Elysium star explained:

It is so intense and so controversial that I probably can’t [reveal what she did]. That’s how intense it was. The gloves were off. We had an amazing time, two crazy people, doing crazy pranks. We got on super well and had a great time. I was like, ‘Oh my God, she went there?! Okay, that opens the door for me to go there!’

Director Robert Stromberg’s Maleficent opens in North American theaters on July 2, 2014. Are you looking forward to seeing Angelina Jolie portray the wicked queen?

[Image via Walt Disney Pictures]