Julia Roberts Bullied Half-Sister About Her Weight

Julia Roberts apparently bullied her half-sister Nancy Motes about her weight. According to the current Glee production assistant, the taunts eventually led Motes to gastric bypass surgery.

Motes opened up about the bullying to the New York Daily News, saying that the incidents happened when she was in high school and Roberts was an adult.

The bullying claims show a less-than-perfect side to the Hollywood A-lister, who is normally thought of as bright and gracious. But Motes says that, at least when she was younger, that wasn’t the case.

Roberts’ half-sister commented, “She would make it quite clear to me and in a not-so-nice a manner.” Motes added that “it just makes me feel incredibly hurt and very sad.”

After years of criticism aimed at her, the actress’ half-sister underwent gastric bypass surgery. The procedure was done in 2010 and has helped Nancy Motes slim down to 155 pounds.

And with her new look and her career in front of her, Motes hopes to repair her relationship with Julia, notes The Daily Mail. With her weight loss, Motes stated that she feels like a completely new person. She also has a serious relationship with film and TV locations manager John Dilbeck.

Dilbeck recently proposed to Motes on the set of Glee and the two are planning to wed in May 2014. The production assistant took time out to also deny rumors that Julia Roberts wouldn’t attend her half-sister’s wedding. The rumor cited the A-lister’s dislike for Dilbeck.

However, Nancy Motes denied the rumor, adding, “My family, we lover each other absolutely.” She went on to add, “I love Julia absolutely, and I have no doubt that she loves me.”

While her weight is no longer a problem, Motes explained that her broken relationship with Roberts is. But Motes hopes her new look will be the catalyst of change.

Are you surprised to hear that Julia Roberts bullied her half-sister?

[Image via Helga Esteb / Shutterstock.com]