Hammerhead Shark Gives Birth On Beach, After Fisherman Hauls It Out Of Water [Video]

A hammerhead shark gave visitors to a beach in Florida an almighty shock when she gave birth to a school of fish on the sand in front of dozens of people.

A fisherman helped the animal, a five foot hammerhead, onto the surface after he went into the water and yanked it out. By this point, a small crowd had gathered at Panama City Beach to view the incident, and they were amazed by what they saw unfold.

The shark gave birth to the animals in front of them at the edge of the water, and they could immediately spot the young sharks in the water struggling to come to grips with life out of their mother’s womb.

The hammerhead was apparently pulled out of the water after people had originally made numerous attempts to guide it back into the deeper parts of the sea. But she ignored them and then kept swimming back towards land.

Kathy Hunt, a witness to the entire incident, told News 13 that the animal was “looking for a way out and was thrashing around the closer it got to the shoreline.”

Park rangers soon arrived to oversee the birth, but unfortunately, despite trying to push the shark out into deeper waters it ultimately died at 3pm yesterday.

The infant hammerhead sharks soon swam away from mother, which is very common amongst the species. Usually they swim away as soon as they are born and then fend for themselves in shallow water, gaining nourishment to grow where there aren’t as many predators to devour them.

The number of hammerheads in Florida has increased rapidly over the last few years, however most of the species are small and are generally considered harmless to humans, as they normally feed on fish and crustaceans.

You can watch the clip of the doomed hammerhead shark giving birth in Florida above.

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