Puppy Thief Shoves Dogs In Pants, Uses Kid As A Distraction

A puppy thief was caught on Saturday as he shoved dogs down his pants at a pet shop in Orlando, Florida.

The strange incident went down at 6:45 pm at The Puppy Stop located at 2515 East Colonial.

The store’s surveillance camera caught the man as he removed an $800 pug from its crib. The puppy thief’s pants then quickly filled up with a new dog.

The man walked the puppy out of the store and placed it in his car. He then proceeded to re-enter the store while grabbing a $750 miniature dachshund.

According to store worker Eddie Rosario, the man walked in with another man, a woman, and a toddler, so he thought nothing of him.

Rosario says:

“They used a kid to steal the dog. I mean, you come here to steal a dog with a kid, that’s insane.”

The store’s outside surveillance camera caught the puppy thief and the family as they entered a dark colored or silver Ford Crown Victoria. The vehicle has damage to the front of the vehicle.

Store owner Charles Glass is offering a $250 reward for information that leads to an arrest.

Are you more surprised by the man shoving puppies down his pants or that he used a child and family as his distraction?

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