Mashable Offers Ultimate Prize For Breaking Bad Finale Prediction

Have you hatched up the best series finale prediction for Breaking Bad? Are you spending every waking moment theorizing who Walter White will use his ricin on? If you answered yes to one or both of those, you may be up for the ultimate fan prize in Breaking Bad history.

Sony has decided to release an iBook titled Breaking Bad Alchemy for fans of the show via iTunes. The book includes eight chapters from Breaking Bad's evolution, which has both audio and video components. To win the iBook and other goodies head on to Mashable's Twitter to see more details on the awesome contest.

The best part about the exclusive iBook is that as the season goes on, the book automatically updates with new content to follow along in the show's evolution. Breaking Bad definitely knows how to satisfy their fans needs to discuss the show from its new #WhiteonRicin hashtag that premiered during tonight's episode, to the innovative new iBook. What's most impressive about it, is that it's jam-packed with fan interactive goods that relate to the show as it's happening. The chapters are engaging as 3D models featuring iconic events from the show, time-lapse videos, and 360-degree set tours.

In addition to five copies of Breaking Bad's Alchemy, Mashable is also giving away a Blu-ray copy of the first half of season five, which comes out on DVD on Tuesday, August 13.

So are you interested in winning the sweet Breaking Bad prizes? If you are, you should head on over to Twitter, and tweet your prediction of the ending of season 5. One important thing to note is you need to use the hashtag #MashBreakingBad with your response. All predictions need to be in before August 11 at exactly 9 PM EST to qualify.

According to Mashable they're deciding by the most creative predictions.

Need to get those juices flowing for the prediction? Below is a video of the latest Breaking Bad teaser. Check it out!