Call of Duty: Black Ops multiplayer "unplayable" on PC, says Internet

Chris Greenhough

The Internet is a-raging today about the PC version of first-person shooter mega-hit Call of Duty: Black Ops.

According to many gamers, the online multiplayer mode is severely borked, rendered "unplayable" by lag - and even developer Treyarch admits there's a problem. When the multiplayer mode in a Call of Duty game is so broken, that's quite an obstacle - while the series has seen some decent single-player campaigns, multiplayer is the only reason so many of you play these games.

Writing on Destructoid under a title of "Black Ops PC port is buggy as shit", Jim Sterling testifies that online play is a mix of treacly frame-rates, matchmaking issues, games freezing for seconds at a time, and understandably irate gamers.

Bad times, though I suspect many of you will be playing this on consoles. Indeed, the only comfort any of us should draw from this is the PC Snob Brigade getting the raw end of the deal. Hopefully, Treyarch will come forward with a patch soon; this sort of thing doesn't look fun:

[Via Destructoid]