Staten Island Hit And Run Suspect Turns Himself In

A Staten Island hit and run suspect has turned himself in.

The man suspected of killing a five year old boy in a hit and run turned himself in yesterday. John Sanjurjo, who had originally run over Kyrillos Gendy as well as his mother and sister, stopped to apparently check on them, and then drove off, is now in custody. He has been charged with leaving the scene of an accident.

When police recovered John Sanjurjo’s vehicle, they said it was basically a rolling crime scene. There were noodles and rice from the family’s takeout strewn all across the vehicle and its dented roof from when he ran them over.

Magdy Gendy, the boy’s uncle, told reporters, “He just ran into all three of them. He stopped, got out of the car and saw them all lying on the ground. Then he went back to his car and drove. Everyone was screaming and saying, ‘Help us!'”

Adam Gendy, the boy’s cousin, said the boy’s mother is still in a state of shock, completely shut down and unable to communicate. He said they even brought in a psychiatrist to try to talk to her, and nothing has helped her deal with the death of her son Kyrillos after the fateful 8:30pm incident. He says the boy’s sister, 9, has no idea she is now an only child.

Now in custody, the arrest of Staten Island hit and run suspect John Sanjurjo brings little comfort to the family he destroyed. The boy’s mother and sister were sent to the hospital with minor injuries. His sister Gabrielle suffered a broken ankle, and his mother had an eye injury.

John Sanjurjo had been sitting idle in his black, tinted-windowed 2013 Mercedes-Benz 350 in front of the bagel shop before he had pulled out and hit the family. The shop owner had gone out and prayed with the mother over her little boy, then lying in blood and not moving, that he would live.

Family member described Kyrillos Gendy as an adorable boy who would get up and dance every time he heard Alicia Keys’ Girl On Fire. Staten Island hit and run suspect John Sanjurjo can never pay back when he has taken from them.

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