Kevin Federline Marries Victoria Prince In Las Vegas Surprise

Kevin Federline

Kevin Federline is married to Victoria Prince. The Las Vegas wedding came Saturday — almost immediately after the 35-year-old Britney Spears ex-husband bought the marriage license late Friday night.

Federline reportedly surprised Prince with the marriage proposal, telling her that they were going to Vegas for work.

Of course she said yes. The patient Victoria Prince has waited years for Kevin Federline to pop the question. They met in 2008 and now have daughter Jordan Kay together.

The Daily Mail pointed out that Jordan Kay will turn two on August 15, so maybe it will be a nice present for her to have parents who have finally made it legal.

But Kevin Federline has been understandably cautious about getting married again. His quickie 2004 marriage to pop sensation Britney Spears was a mess that lasted only two years and resulted in an ugly custody battle over their two sons.

Victoria Prince hasn’t shared a lot of details. But she did confirm to E! Online that the wedding took place. And she seemed blown away by the surprise: “For the first time in my life, I got a taste of heaven!”

Right now, the pair has been somewhat secretive. There’s no word yet on what chapel they used or where they’re staying in Vegas.

UPDATE: People has now confirmed that wedding took place in the penthouse of the Hard Rock Hotel at 8 PM Saturday night.

Victoria Prince tweeted a few links to Instagram pictures of the road trip.

It appears that Federline and Prince’s daughter Jordan Kay was along for the ride. And Prince informs us that there’s a pool table and a stripper pole in the honeymoon suite.

Sounds like fun.

Kevin Federline daughter

Congratulation to the happy couple. Are you surprised that Victoria Prince and Kevin Federline have married? Or do you think that it’s probably way past time?

[Jordan Kay photo courtesy Victoria Prince’s crownv16 Instagram]

[Kevin Federline photo by s_bukley /]