Blind Man Thomas Graham Builds His Own Home, Inspires Local Community

A blind man from Texas has built a replica of his childhood home from scratch, all on his own, and in the process he has inspired his local community with his actions.

Thomas Graham, who is a resident of Bullard, Texas, started back in April, all under the supervision of his wife, Evonne, as well as various other members of his family. Evonne even makes sure to follow him throughout the day, handing him tools, and warning him when he is in danger.

As Graham started to build the structure, word soon spread about his efforts around the small community within the town. After several days, a hoard of people came by to help him, which included contractors, electricians, and other builders, some of whom were professionals.

They arrived on Graham’s plot of land and then began to work alongside him. Jim McKay, a local realtor, stated, “I was totally, totally awed by the fact that a blind man is building his house. I told my pastor I have got to meet that gentleman.”

Dave Covalt, an experienced builder, is now helping Graham with the building of his three bedroom home, and he stated, “I asked him where his blueprints were when I arrived and he said, ‘They are no good to me, the plan is in my head.’ I actually tried to imagine closing your eyes and doing it and it’s just mind boggling.”

Graham doesn’t need any assistance with work on the interior, with other builders helping him on the building’s roof. Graham stated, “I’m probably slower than anybody else, but I’m probably just as accurate.”

He then added, “I’ve always had a pretty big desire to build my own house ever since I was a teenager I guess, I started with some smaller projects you know cabinets and other wood working projects and then I just decided one day, you it’s time for me to build that house.”

Graham simply uses his touch to feel where to apply his equipment, whilst he has admitted that like every other builder, when he is frustrated, he throws his tools. Adding that he just hopes that his wife or son isn’t in the way at the time.

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