Sean Hannity Responds To Megyn Kelly Rumor [Listen]

Is Sean Hannity being fired? Is Megyn Kelly moving into his primetime slot? The controversial Fox News pundit won’t confirm or deny, but he thinks it’s funny that we’re all so concerned about it.

On Thursday’s Drudge Report, “top sources” at Fox News alleged that daytime anchor and analyst Megyn Kelly would be moving to primetime with her own program at 9PM, which would mean that current slot-holder Sean Hannity is either on his way out or being shuffled somewhere else.

Fox boss Roger Ailes has admitted that some changes are coming to the network, but would not confirm or deny any of the rumors currently flying around.

On Thursday, Hannity finally broke his silence on this week’s rumor during his radio show. He didn’t seem all that worried about the rumor.

“By the way has there been any news today on the Drudge Report?” Hannity joked on his show. “Anything I missed?”

He continued, “I am actually enjoying people that really don’t know a whole lot, just going nuts. So I’m going to leave it there, just for fun. And these comments will be picked up now. Hannity says: ‘He’s leaving it out there to figure it out.’ Let’s just say in the end I’m very happy. That’s all I can say at this point.”

He also said that he thinks its pretty funny watching his “haters” line up to throw him under the bus over a rumor.

“It’s pretty funny. I love people speculating. And of course the Hannity haters come out in full force: ‘I hate Hannity. I can’t stand him. He’s dumb. He’s stupid. He’s a right wing nut job.’ I love that, too. And if I wasn’t hated, I wouldn’t be doing my job now would I?”

You can listen to Sean Hannity address the Megyn Kelly rumors below:

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