David Ortiz Holds Baby During National Anthem [Awww]

Boston Red Sox player David Ortiz was captured in a totally estrogen baiting pic last night, holding a baby he’d been handed as the national anthem started up before the game.

In the pic, David Ortiz smiles and holds his Red Sox cap over his heart, with the red-clad baby in the other arm.

It’s not clear how Ortiz came to be in possession of the tot, but CBS reports that he did what any man would do in such a situation — he held the baby and saluted the song:

“So before Thursday’s game against the Royals, Red Sox designated hitter David Ortiz was apparently asked to pose for a photo with a baby from a fan. He obliged, but then the national anthem started. What else was there to do than salute the flag and hold onto the baby?”

As far as we know, Ortiz was handed the baby by a fan, and didn’t hand the kid back before the Star Spangled Banner, resulting in the adorable pic.

Users reported:

“He said fan handed him the child for a photo, then the anthem started.”

The image circulated after ESPN Red Sox reporter Gordon Edes tweeted out the sweet pic, saying:

Personally, we loved this tweet best:

Is this pic of David Ortiz the cutest story in baseball all year?

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