David Ortiz Won’t Be Suspended For Temper Tantrum

David Ortiz won’t be suspended for an incident on Saturday night that can only be described as a temper tantrum.

Ortiz was ejected from Saturday’s game after he argued balls and strikes with umpire Tim Timmons. But rather than walk calmly off the field, Ortiz took his frustration out on two dugout phones, smashing them to pieces with his bat.

Afterward, the Red Sox player charged back onto the field and had to be restrained by manager John Farrell and bench coach Torey Lovullo, reports Fox Sports.

While Ortiz didn’t injure anyone during the outburst, he likely scared a few of his fellow players, including Dustin Pedroia, who was almost hit by the bat.

But despite the temper tantrum, David Ortiz won’t be suspended by Major League Baseball. And it is also unlikely that the Rex Sox will discipline him, despite the destruction of property.

The Boston Globe notes that Farrell added after Sunday’s game, “After [Ortiz] took it out on the phone last night, he took it out on the baseball today.” Which is true. Ortiz went 4 for 4 on Sunday, including a two-run homer, to help the Red Sox top the Orioles 5-0.

David Ortiz’s tantrum was a hot button issue for talk shows, broadcasters, and baseball fans, most of whom were upset by the player’s behavior. While he hasn’t apologized for the incident, Ortiz did comment:

“It’s not my style. I try not to get to that point. There’s things you can’t control, and things that happen. I know that fans know me for being a humble person who tries to do everything right. But I ain’t perfect. the situation happened that I didn’t start up. Things got out of control for a minute, but it’s over.”

Unfortunately, it doesn’t take long for a moment of lost control to be blasted into internet infamy. And true to form, David Ortiz’s temper tantrum was caught on video and turned into a gif. Check it out below:

[Image via Matt Trommer / Shutterstock.com]

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