Amanda Bynes’ Parents Granted Temporary Conservatorship

Ventura, CA — A California judge has granted Amanda Bynes’ parents, Lynn and Rick Bynes, temporary conservatorship of her daughter.

Judge Glen M. Reiser agreed with the What I Like About You actress’ doctors, who found that she lacked the “capacity to give consent for medical care.” He approved Lynn Bynes’ request to take over legal control of her daughter’s finances and well-being.

Mary Shea, Amanda Bynes’ court-appointed attorney, told the judge that her client objected to the conservatorship. “She doesn’t feel there’s a need,” Shea said.

The 27-year-old wasn’t in court because she received a one month extension on her psychiatric hold, which she previously tried to fight. Bynes’ appealed the decision to extend a 72 hour psych hold, which was ordered after she allegedly set a fire in a driveway in Thousand Oaks, to two weeks. Doctors felt they needed more time to diagnose the actress and make sure she wasn’t a threat to herself or others.

A week ago, Lynn and Rick Bynes filed the request for temporary conservatorship. They said they felt she was “in serious danger and could case physical harm to herself.” They also planned on filing to make the conservatorship permanent. It has been suggested that she Amanda Bynes is suffering from schizophrenia, and may need to be supervised.

Doctors at the hospital where Bynes is being held felt she wasn’t well enough to go to court. According to TMZ, the doctors went to a judge who traveled to the hospital for an emergency hearing. The judge granted their request and extended the psychiatric hold for 30 days.

Now that she has been granted temporary conservatorship, Lynn Bynes has the legal power to decide where her daughter will live and to manage her estimated $3 million savings. The conservatorship will last until September 30.

Judge Reiser said he did still “want to have a dialogue” with Amanda Bynes.

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