Amanda Bynes Appealing Mental Health Detention

Amanda Bynes is appealing her two-week mental health detention this week. The actress is currently being held at a Ventura psychiatric facility after she was detained last week.

Bynes can legally appeal the detention, which was ordered by the courts after she allegedly set a fire in a driveway in Thousand Oaks.

The news comes as Bynes’ parents believe their daughter is in a troubled state and have filed for a conservatorship, much like the one Britney Spears had after her breakdown.

The Los Angeles Times notes that Amanda Bynes’ mental health hold was initially 72 hours. However, a judge extended it for 14 days pending a full mental health report.

Bynes’ parents filed the conservatorship request last week, but a decision was delayed by Ventura County Superior Court Judge Glen M. Reiser until August 9, because of the long-term detention.

The actress’ parents noted in their request that they are “deeply concerned” for their daughter. They added that their daughter is a danger to herself and others because of her drug use, paranoia, and an obsession with plastic surgery.

Amanda Bynes issues began more than a year ago when she was arrested for driving under the influence. The actress was pulled over again shortly after and charged with driving on a suspended license, reports The Huffington Post. Since then, it appears that the actress’ life is spiraling out of control, similar to Lindsay Lohan, Britney Spears, and other celebrities in the spotlight.

While it isn’t surprising Bynes wants to appeal her psychiatric hold, it seems from her recent behavior that the appeal may be denied. And her parents made a convincing argument in their filing, which cites a number of increasingly strange behavior by the 27-year-old.

Along with her strange behavior and run-ins with police, Amanda Bynes’ parents have said their daughter is obsessed with body image in an unhealthy way. They explained that she talks “incessantly about cosmetic surgeries that she wants.”

Do you think Amanda Bynes should appeal her mental health detention?

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