Elysium Already Under Fire From Conservatives

Elysium might be a popular choice with moviegoers this weekend, but it’s already catching quite a bit of guff from conservatives who aren’t impressed with its thinly-veiled message.

Matt Damon stars as a working-class guy who lives in a dystopian future. After discovering that he has only five days to live, he decides to infiltrate a space station known as Elysium. Judging from the trailer, tt’s a huge city orbiting the planet where rich folks live, work, and play.

They also have access to extremely good health care.

However, Elysium director Neill Blomkamp insists his new sci-fi movie doesn’t have an underlying message. The filmmaker added that he wasn’t exactly thrilled with people looking for political subtext. According to him, it’s just a movie about a guy looking to survive in a volatile world.

Media Research Center’s Dan Gainor recently told Fox News that Blomkamp might be pulling the nation’s collective leg regarding the film’s intent. Gainor believes the flick is stuffed to overflowing with all sorts of liberal propaganda.

“It’s not just hypocritical to say this movie isn’t political, it’s hilarious. This is just the latest of several Hollywood movies this year to try and co-opt Occupy Wall Street plotlines into their films,” he explained.

Gainor isn’t the only person who believes that Elysium is trying to send some sort of message to moviegoers. Breitbart News’ Christian Toto also feels that Blomkamp’s effort is much more than harmless summer entertainment. Everything from universal healthcare to illegal immigration is reportedly addressed in the film.

“Throughout the movie, whether it was the obvious messages or the poor story telling, it was just heavy handed from the start,” Toto explained.

He continued, “Particularly towards the end, the political messages are just so overt, I don’t know how you can watch it without thinking of current events and connecting the dots that the director obviously intended to connect.”

Are you planning to catch Elysium in theaters this weekend? Do you believe that Neill Blomkamp’s sci-fi movie is packed with liberal propaganda?

[Image via TriStar Pictures]