Oprah Can’t Afford Handbag, Racist Shopgirl Tells Billionaire

Can you imagine telling Oprah Winfrey that she couldn’t afford a handbag? Can you imagine Oprah giving you not one but three chances to change your final answer? And you’re still so convinced that the billionaire TV host doesn’t have money that you refuse to show her the bag?

That’s the amazing story being floated recently as Oprah promotes her first movie appearance in 15 years. She’s part of an ensemble cast in The Butler which tells the story of a White House butler who served for 34 years and became a witness to history. The movie comes out on August 16, and it will frankly address issues of race.

Entertainment Tonight asked Oprah outright if she still experienced racism. Oprah said that if people knew who she was, they wouldn’t dare try it to her face.

But the racism is still out there — as she found out during the awful experience shopping in Switzerland last month.

Entertainment Wise noted that the handbag Oprah allegedly couldn’t afford was priced at around £24,477 — very roughly $38,000. Her net worth is over $2.6 billion.

What detail might have made the racist shopgirl think Oprah couldn’t afford an upscale bag?

Oprah acknowledges that she forgot to put on her artificial eyelashes.

But c’mon. Nobody’s making that judgement based on eyelashes.

Oprah knew very well that the salesgirl was flat-out judging the size of her wallet by the color of her skin.

Niki Cruz provided an in-depth look at what Oprah had to say at a recent press conference about racism, history, and her decision to be involved in The Butler. Check it out by clicking right here.

And here’s the Entertainment Tonight interview with Oprah Winfrey that was released Monday. Go a couple of minutes in, and you can hear Oprah hear tell the Swiss handbag story in her own words.

The whole interview is emotional and well worth watching.

I can’t help wondering if the racist shopgirl ever figured out how badly she blundered when she told Oprah she couldn’t afford the handbag. The lady’s racism likely screwed her out of a healthy commission.

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