Oprah Afro Hair ‘O’ Magazine Cover: ‘Lion King’ Wig Weight Of ‘Small Chihuahua’

Oprah’s 3.5 pound Afro is already creating big hair buzz for the cover of the upcoming issue of O magazine. The September hair issue goes on sale Tuesday, August 13, but Oprah’s glamorous look has already been unveiled.

Want to go behind the scenes of Oprah’s Afro cover look? You can. Oprah’s longtime stylist Andre Walker dishes on the O magazine website.

Apparently, it wasn’t all that easy to find the right wig for Oprah — especially when the right one was a crazy Afro weighing 3.5 pounds. That’s about the same size as a small chihuahua, O magazine helpfully points out.

The stylist was having trouble finding The Lion King hair that could hold its own against Oprah’s outrageous curve-hugging orange dress. Walker said that Beyoncé stylist Kim Kimble ultimately offered a wig that Oprah could borrow.

Here’s a hair tip from Andre Walker that most of us can probably use, even if we don’t wear 3.5 pound chihuahuas on our head:

“Women with dry hair sometimes think less washing is better. But water is moisture…[D]ry hair needs big drinks.”

The photo shoot took place June 1 at Highline Stages in New York. The wig itself arrived in bubble wrap in a custom-made pink travel box complete with its own wig stand.

And the reaction to the new O cover?

People are loving the big hair. Admiring comments on Twitter include remarks like: “Hair, there, and everywhere — it’s a groovy look on Oprah,” “stunning,” and “glamorous.”

I think it would take more than a 3.5 pound chihuahua on my head to fix my hair. But the O magazine cover shoot offers a playful look inside Oprah’s Afro and how she got the huge hair.

[image by O, the Oprah magazine]

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