Robbie Knievel On DUI: I’m A Drinking, Driving Daredevil [Video]

Robbie Knievel arrested

Robbie Knievel was arrested for a DUI today. But don’t worry, he has a great excuse: “I’m a frickin’ drinking, driving daredevil.”

Knievel admitted that he had a drinking problem today and even acknowledged that he shouldn’t be drinking and driving. But don’t expect the stunt driver to change his ways.

Knievel told TMZ: “I’m a frickin’ drinking, driving daredevil. I ride motorcycles and I friggin’ drink and ride… that’s my deal.”

The good news is that Knievel has admitted that he’s an alcoholic. The bad news is that it doesn’t sound like he has any plans of changing until he kills someone or himself.

Knievel said: “I have an alcohol problem. I’m a cowboy. I’m not a redneck. But I love whiskey… I shouldn’t be drinking and driving ’cause I could kill somebody… and you know what, it would be better if I killed myself.”

Knievel was arrested this week after he crashed into two motor home units in South Dakota. The stunt driver left the scene of the accident but was arrested a short time later.

The stunt driver blew a.228, nearly three times the legal limit, and arrested for drunk driving.

Knievel has had his license suspended for 30 days.

Do you think a 30 day suspension is going to keep Robbie Knievel from drinking and driving?