Panda Cam Means Less Time Being Productive, More Time With Adorable Animals

When the work day has gotten a bit stale… we all find something to distract us and China Television has just provided us with the perfect distraction: a 24/7 live panda cam!

Today couldn’t have said it any better: The productivity of the nation’s workforce is under attack!

On Monday, China Network Television (CCTV) unveiled round-the-clock online broadcasts of dozens of giant pandas eating, sleeping, wrestling and biting each other’s feet at a research base in Sichuan Province.

What could be cuter then watching pandas… no matter what it is they are doing. Like now for instance, two pandas are wrestling with each other to get comfy for a nap! Ugh! You can’t say that’s not cute!

Where ca you find this live footage? is the place to go!

The footage for comes from 28 high-definition cameras set up in five gardens throughout the Chengdu Giant Panda Breeding and Research Center in Sichuan Province, according to CNTV.

The New York Daily News reported that the panda base has singled out five different panda categories–an adult park, teen park, nursery, and “mother garden.”

Ohhhh… the little guy just fell over while playing with his bamboo! Seriously… this thing is distracting!

Xinhua Net stated the following:

“The website started posting video clips on June 24 as a test and has since attracted nearly 15,000 Internet users to visit and leave comments.”

“I couldn’t help but watch Panda Gun Gun for two whole days,” wrote a netizen with the screen name “Fufu3.”

While provides 24/7 panda cuteness, Youtube is still one of the top distraction providers bringing animal cuteness to the internet.

A recent report on The Inquisitr featured two adorable five-week old guinea pig brothers, Nimbus and Cirrus, fighting each other over a piece of lettuce.

Much like these two panda bears are doing with this piece of bamboo…

To witness the adorableness that is Pandas, check out the 24/7 panda cam for yourself!

[photo credit: alumroot via photopin cc]

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