‘Pokemon X And Y’: New And ‘Mega’ Pokemon Revealed

Pokemon X and Y now have even more new monsters including new “Mega” Pokemon.

It’s that time again, Pokemon fans! It’s time to ready your Pokeballs and catch a new round of announcements as we unleash a new wave of information.

Of course if you’re in the UK, you may be closer to actually owning a Pokeball than your fellow fans across the pond, as pre-orders of Pokemon X and Y will gain you a free one. Of course with that, we will be expecting some YouTube shenanigans as you throw your new toy at pets or younger siblings, or perhaps the most elusive “monsters” of them all, Lady Gaga fans. Just don’t throw them too hard. We don’t want to write about the injuries.

Pokemon X and Y has just been announced to have another batch of new monsters for your 3DS Pokedex. Of course, most of them aren’t really new Pokemon as much as pre-evolved and “Mega” versions. First we have Meekuru, the pre-evolution of Gogoat, your monster mount in this game. Next up is the rabbit-like Horubii, which may be a grass-type Pokemon much like Gogoat. Then we have a short fat electric mouse, which you might mistake for one of Pikachu’s new evolutions, but its name is actually Dedenne.

The new “Mega” Pokemon in Pokemon X and Y include the previously known MegaMewtwo, as well as MegaBlaziken, MegaMawile, MegaAbsol, MegaLucario, and MegaAmpharos. We can only imagine if Capcom could be involved you would also have MegaMan. Okay, not really.

The new “Mega” versions of the various Pokemon appear to have wild hair in common, and as it is currently unknown how to cause these MegaPokemon to evolve, it may involve the new “Mega Stones.” There doesn’t appear to be a pattern to which Pokemon will have the new “Mega” forms, as they appear to have been selected randomly. It could be that all of them will potentially have this new form, but that’s just speculation.

Now remember, UK Pokemon fans, pre-order your copy of Pokemon X and Y, get your free Pokeball, and let’s see you try to “catch” your cat.

What do you think of the latest round of updates for Pokemon X and Y?

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