‘Pokemon X And Y’ Gameplay Trailer Features Tree Pokemon, Water Combat Revealed [Video]

The latest Pokemon X and Y trailer features tree Pokemon!

In the past few months, details have been trickling in about the new Pokemon X and Y features. It has been revealed that the map you will be exploring will be based on the layout of France, even including a prominent Eiffel Tower-like landmark.

A new type of Pokemon announced this time around was the Fairy type, which is super effective versus Dragon types.

The X and Y in the titles is an indication of the prominent legendary Pokemon in each version of the 3DS game, Xerneas and Yveltal, each even shaped like the English letters they represent, as previously reported by The Inquisitr.

Pokemon X and Y will also give you the ability to treat your pocket monsters like pets, actually petting and feeding them with the stylus.

Other details now known include the mount Gogoat, which gives you the ability to go places you wouldn’t ordinarily be able to go on foot, and has a healing ability. You will also be able to ride a bicycle to possibly get to places faster. It appears there won’t be a mount that lets you fly, though, as the trailer above reveals that certain Pokemon are able to engage in sky battles on their own, most likely Flying, Dragon and Fairy types.

New to the franchise, Pokemon X and Y will give you the ability to have multi-battles in the grass, with five opponents on the screen at the same time. This is shown in the gameplay trailer above with the player taking on five Arotto, or tree Pokemon, against a backdrop of other trees.

There will also be water battles in the game, which like sky battles, will only allow certain types of Pokemon to be involved. We can imagine this would be a bad time to get Pikachu involved. The two Pokemon known to be allowed in water battles so far include Clauncher and Skrelp.

What do you think of the new gameplay trailer and water combat details for Pokemon X and Y?

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