YouTube ‘Geek Week’: Top Ten Superheroes You’ve Never Heard Of [Video]

YouTube “Geek Week” has now introduced the top ten superheroes you’ve never heard of.

When you think of superheroes, you usually think of Batman, Spider-Man, the Avengers, the X-Men, Wolverine, and the like. However, with help from celebrity notables Simon Pegg (Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol, Star Trek Into Darkness) and Nick Frost (Shaun Of The Dead, The World’s End), we now have a list of ten superheroes you’re least likely to have ever heard of.

Let us begin.

Honorable mention goes to Jetman – Yves Rossy became a real-life Rocketeer when he decided to take a winged jetpack over the Rio De Janeiro.

10) DC’s Guardian – Not related to DC Comics, he doesn’t fight crime as much as he just helps the homeless, tidies up the streets, and inspires kids. He wears a red and blue outfit as he patrols the Washington, D.C. area.

9) Knighthood and Decoy – These costumed heroes stopped a Harlem Shake in progress, making them saviors of good taste throughout the world.

8) Master Legend – He patrols the streets of Orlando, Florida, in sunglasses, a black helmet, and a silver-colored suit.

7) Supperman – Not to be confused with the man of steel, this entry in the YouTube “Geek Week” superheroes you’ve never heard of is simply a man in a Superman outfit who serves food.

6) I Earn Man – Again, not the superhero he sounds like, he wears an Iron Man mask and works hard to make a living.

5) Tea Kwon Do Spiderman – He dresses like Spider-Man, but doesn’t have any of the powers. However, he is a master of martial arts fighting.

4) Prowler – A woman who helps the disadvantaged in Manhattan, dressed all in black almost like Catwoman, but with a big cat’s eye on her chest.

3) Milk Man – He runs up to lactose-intolerant evildoers and spews milk on them.

2) Dangerman – He helps children with literacy and safety in Los Angeles while dressed in a blue suit.

1) Phoenix Jones – The Seattle-based real-life version of Kick-Ass, but with a better looking suit.

What do you think of YouTube “Geek Week” and the top ten superheroes you’ve never heard of?

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