Shark Cat Rides Roomba, Gets 2 Million Views On YouTube

Don’t let anyone tell you that the internet’s love for cat videos is waning. A cat in a shark costume recently racked up more than two million views by riding a roomba around the kitchen floor.

Yes, cat + shark costume + roomba = instant internet success.

And TexasGirly1979 certainly knows that.

In fact, she probably invented that formula. Max the Roomba cat became an internet sensation last year when he used his shark costume and his roomba to chase down a little duckling. That video has more than three million views.

The new video has only been online for a few days, but it already has 1.8 million views.

Sure, the video use the same cat + shark costume + roomba formula as the original but there is one key difference this time: It’s shark week.

The internet is currently consumed with all things sharks. So much so, in fact, that we’ll watch anything that is even remotely related to sharks. You know, like a cat riding a roomba. We’ll even listen to Tara Reid babble on about shark sex or watch a hoax documentary about megalodon.

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