Xbox One Unboxing Reveals A Few Surprises, Like A Headset [Video]

The Xbox One unboxing video has revealed a few surprises.

Remember when Microsoft said there wouldn’t be a headset bundled with the Xbox One? They lied, sort of. Of course this isn’t the first time Microsoft has made a statement and then turned around and reversed it.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Microsoft had also announced back in the Xbox One reveal days that they would use DRM to control the sale of used games. After much public backlash, and the infamous interview with Joe Vargas (AKA Angry Joe), the DRM controls were reversed. Then a petition on and a ton of Sony fanboys who signed it convinced Microsoft to eventually bring back the DRM controls. All of this has led Microsoft to the unfortunate status of being wishy washy in the eyes of the public in the middle of a console war. Talk about bad timing…

The Xbox One unboxing video featuring Major Nelson follows several rumors that began with Microsoft allegedly including a headset with the console, followed almost immediately by them denying the headset would be included. Rumors continued as Microsoft eventually confirmed an Xbox 360 headset adapter for the Xbox One, and now the Xbox One unboxing video has proven that the console will indeed come bundled with a dedicated headset.

The Day One edition of the console will include the Xbox One headset, with an improved speaker and microphone designed to take advantage of the increased sampling rate of the console itself. Muting and volume control are built into the controller instead of the headset itself.

The controller will use both a rechargeable battery and the standard AA variety, the former of which can be recharged using the micro USB port, which itself doubles as a wired gameplay port.

Also included in the Day One edition of the Xbox One is a 4K rated HDMI cable, meaning it can handle 1080p HD resolution and 3D.

The Xbox One console itself will have a slot-loading Blu-Ray drive, a 500 GB hard drive, multiple HDMI ports, three USB 3.0 ports, a new Kinect sensor port (IR blaster), a security switch, S/PDIF (optical audio out), and both wired and wireless networking capability.

Does the Xbox One unboxing video make you want the console?

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