iPhone 5S To Feature Dual LED Flash, Rumor Claims

The iPhone 5S will feature a dual-LED flash, according to the newest rumor to circulate around the web. The new camera option is meant to help customers take better pictures in low-light conditions.

While the iPhone 5 takes great photos, those pictures only turn out with the desired result when proper lighting is utilized. Low-light iPhone photos are currently full of noise, dark spots, and a shaky looking result.

With 13-megapixel cameras showing up on various devices, it is likely that Apple will increase from 8MP to 13MP. With a dual LED flash setup, the company could capture more photo enthusiasts

Reports have suggested that the iPhone 5S will do away with the build-in LED flash and instead move towards a dual LED flash that is independent of the actual imaging module.

Apple would hardly be the first smartphone manufacturer to use a dual-LED flash, but it could give the smartphone a hand up on the competition.


In respect to the camera’s other features, another rumor points to a new slow-motion feature for video capturing. With an imaging module separating out the camera lens from other functions, Apple could indeed take more control of the cameras features and add slow-motion alongside other new options.

It is still not clear if the low-cost iPhone 5C will also feature a newly designed camera. My guess is an 8MP camera and single LED flash that matches the current iPhone 5 model.

Would an independent dual-LED flash be reason enough for you to buy the new iPhone 5S when it debuts?