Dallas Shooting Spree: Gunman Kills 4, Injures 4 [Breaking]

In a Dallas shooting spree on Wednesday night, a lone gunmen shot to death four people and injured four others.

The incident occurred when the shooter entered his ex-girlfriend’s house and shot four people. The ex-girlfriend was not at the house at the time of the shooting.

He then made his way to a house in Desoto, Texas to continue the bloodbath. He threw an explosive device into the house and then went inside shooting four people, one of which was his ex-girlfriend.

According to Dallas police the shooting spree stopped when the man ran out of ammunition. He was arrested by the police, but his identity has not been revealed.

Police told News8 that when they arrived on the scene, the shooter pretended to be one of the victims. The conditions of the other injured victims of the shooting is not known at this time.

More details on the Dallas shooting will be posted as and when there are developments.

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