Sliders At Gas Stations: Why Do They Only Target Women?

Police around the country are warning women to be wary of sliders at gas stations.

What is a “slider?’ These are criminals who sneak into unlocked cars to steal purses and other property. Their activities seem to focus on gas stations and day care centers

They can be seen in action on surveillance video from around the country. Unsuspecting women get out of their cars to pump gas. They are so concentrated on this that they just don’t notice when the sliders get quietly into the passenger side of their car to grab a purse.

Houston police officer Jim Woods told KPRC,”They say it’s sliding because they’re sliding below the eye level of the door.”

Victims frequently don’t realize that they’ve been robbed.

Referring to the perpetrators, Woods said,”They’re not looking for a confrontation….they just want the property, because they know it’s being left abandoned and you’re not paying enough attention.”

Houston police say they’ve seen an increase in sliders at gas stations over the last three years. They are warning people to lock car doors and close all windows, even if you’re just a few steps away.

Video: abcactionnews

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