Wild New Jersey Diner Brawl Caught On Video

A early morning brawl broke out at a New Jersey diner last Friday, and the incident was filmed by another customer — see embed above (warning for offensive language) of the recently surfaced video.

Usually these violent incidents take place at fast-food outlets but this one happened at a regular sit-down restaurant.

The WWE-style melee that featured punching, kicking, and chairs and tables being tossed in the air occurred at the Two Peters Diner, in Ewing, New Jersey, outside of Trenton, at about 3:30 am.

It appeared to be all-female fight until a man picked up a table and dropped it on a woman. After police arrived on the scene, the man, 32, was arrested for simple assault, according to The Smoking Gun. Responding officers reportedly spotted him punching another female. Further charges against other suspects may be forthcoming, and any victim of this diner fight can file a complaint for assault at the local courthouse, police said.

Restaurant owner Peter Gromitsaris said he is going to hire security guards for his 24-hour venue. He also told The Trentonian that in addition to to the property damage at the restaurant, the people involved in the wild fight left without paying their tab, as did some other customers who played no part in the scuffle. He plans to press charges once law enforcement authorities identify more of the suspects and issue a police report.

The damage he is most concerned about, however, involves customers who won’t come back to his establishment because they feel insecure on the premises under the circumstances. “We will not allow this to happen a second time,” he declared.

The owner also noted that some of those allegedly involved in the fight even brazenly returned the very next night to get something to eat but were refused service.

What caused the fight is unclear, although a Trentonian columnist suggested that at least some of the group may have come from a local strip club where they were supposedly auditioning for a role in the club’s “new reality show.”

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