Lamborghini Spyder Takes The Smart Out Of Phone

Why in the world anyone would pay HK $13,800 ($1,781 USD) for a phone with a 2.2 inch display, 3 megapixel camera and 4GB internal storage is beyond me, but that’s what Lamborghini wants with their newest namesake the Lamborghini Spyder.

Okay so yes you get 316L-grade stainless steel, but I’d rather have a Google Android phone that gets scratched up and breaks six months later than a phone with a worthless OS and which requires me to pay extra for a crocodile skin backside.

Not to mention, the phone looks like crap, talk about an ergonomical disaster, when I slide my hand down a phone I don’t want to have to grip my fist closed more just to hold onto it. I also don’t want my keypad to curve in weird directions, I’ve become quite accustomed to knowing that each row of buttons sits exactly in the same spot directly below/above each other.

Here’s one more look:

Lamborghini Spyder

If I’m spending that type of cash I’m getting a Vertu. What do you think?