Hugh Laurie Helps Colbert With Daft Punk Cover [Video]

When Stephen Colbert gets in a jam he calls in his celebrity friends to help him out. Last night, after losing his musical guest in a contract dispute with MTV, Colbert asked stars like Hugh Laurie, Matt Damon, Jeff Bridges and Bryant Cranston to come on the show to create a Daft Punk video.

Colbert was supposed to have Daft Punk on the show to play their song Get Lucky. But the band wasn’t allowed to appear on the show because they had already made a commitment to MTV. Colbert wasn’t told about this until the day before the show so he had to do a little improvising.

Thankfully, Colbert knows a few famous people who could help him out.

Hugh Laurie, who appeared on the show earlier this week to talk about his new blues album, was apparently still available for a surprise appearance. Laurie dances with Colbert and sings a few lyrics before the comedian, for some reasons, “punches” House in the face.

The lip-sync video then heads to a stairwell where Jeff Bridges is dancing. Colbert also visits the set of Late Night With Jimmy Fallon, the stage at America’s Got Talent, and a Breaking Bad board meeting.

And here’s where the genius of the sketch comes. Colbert actually got Bryan Cranston to dress up in a roller disco outfit and dance in his video. That might not sound like too big of a deal to some people but Cranston fans probably remember this scene from Malcolm in the Middle.

It’s unclear just how big of a deal Colbert was really in last night (he did say things like “my career is over”) but the Colbert Daft Punk cover was probably more enjoyable than watching the band actually play. And besides, he still managed to get Robin Thicke to sing Blurred Lines.

You can see the video of Hugh Laurie, Matt Damon, Jeff Bridges, Jimmy Fallon, and a bunch of other people helping out Colbert with his Daft Punk cover here.

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