Microsoft Expects 5 Million Kinect Sales By End Of 2010

With sales quickly picking up for the Microsoft Xbox 360 Kinect gaming peripheral the company is now predicting that holiday sales through the end of the year will bring in 5 million unit sales. The jump in prediction numbers from 3 million to 5 million comes after initial sales jumped through the roof and the console peripheral was met with mostly good reviews.

Don Mattrick, head of Microsoft’s entertainment unit told Reuters:

“Presales have exceeded expectations,” while adding, “People are coming to us and saying this is must-have holiday item.”

IDC Research group has forecast strong numbers for the new option which they expect to outsell the PlayStation Move, but only at the 2.5 to 3 million range, well below Microsoft’s currently revised numbers.

Mattrick added in his interview:

“We’re anticipating that some of our partners will be sold out at points of time this holiday, and that’s something we’ll do our best to work through.”

With over 30,000 retail locations stocking the device, the $150 price tag with Christmas right around the corner puts the device in the reach of many consumers. For $300 a bundled gaming system is also an option for first time or replacement Xbox 360 buyers.

What do you think about the Kinect? Are you planning on buying one soon or perhaps asking for one as a Christmas present?