Gay Hate Crime Victim Runs For Office, Uses Oral Sex Reference For Campaign Slogan

Phoenix-based DJ and event promoter Austin Head was the victim of a gay hate crime in November 2012. Head was attacked on his way home from a club. The attack included two strangers who violently beat the DJ while shouting homophobic slurs.

Head suffered damage to his eye, and the two men were ultimately arrested and charged with aggravated assault.

Fast forward to August 2013, and Austin Head is running for office alongside a campaign slogan that makes reference to loving oral sex.

Austin Head’s campaign wasn’t gaining a lot of attention until he began distributing signs that read “I ? Head.” The sign also includes a URL that leads people to his campaign website.

In all fairness, Head recently told KPHO-TV that he believes “Phoenix is a progressive city” and that he’s “we have to make sure it stays that way.” I guess accepting an oral sex joke is progressive in some way.

The message wasn’t just a happy coincidence. In fact, Austin Head recently told News/Talk 92.3 KTAR:

“Since [political campaigning] is new to me, I needed a way to stand out from the pack. It’s not the orthodox way of campaigning, and a lot of the political types have questioned it.”

While the campaign slogan with its reference to blowjobs has attracted a bunch of attention, not everyone is pleased. Arizona state Senator Katie Hobbs tweeted the poster along with a single word: “Seriously.”

Maybe an oral sex based political campaign is not the best way to win over conservatives. On the other hand, the slogan mixed with the ruby heart could help Austin Head win over gay and fashion conscience voters in Phoenix, Arizona.

Do you think the blowjob campaign slogan is going to lead Austin Head towards a happy ending during election time?

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