‘Sharktopus Versus Mermantula’ Is Actually Happening In Hollywood

The folks behind the cult SyFy flick Sharknado have no idea what they’ve started. According to reports, Sharktopus Versus Mermantula is actually coming together somewhere in Hollywood.

Before the world learned what would happen if sharks somehow found their way inside a tornado, Roger Corman and New Horizons dropped Sharktopus on the masses. The 2010 flick told the story of several very unfortunate individuals who meet their maker at the hands of bizarre scientific experiment.

As the title suggests, the creature feature gave birth to a monster that’s part shark and part octopus. While it’s memorable in its own right, Sharktopus really didn’t find an audience outside of B-movie nerds and SyFy aficionados.

However, the game has changed a little since Sharknado arrived on the scene. The goofiness of that endeavor quickly caught the attention of social media, which ultimately transformed it into a cultural phenomenon. Not one to miss an opportunity, Roger Corman is moving forward with the proposed Sharktopus sequel.

For the first follow-up to his 2010 flick, Corman is putting the title creature up against a monster that is part man, part piranha, and part tarantula. Apparently there’s no such thing as going too far over-the-top in his world.

However, it remains to be seen if the public at-large will be as accepting as they were with Sharknado. In the world of cult cinema, it’s extremely hard to get lightning to strike twice. Your chances for unintentional stardom seem to diminish the harder you try.

Once this follow-up is off the ground, New Horizons intends to move forward with Sharktopus Versus Pteracuda. Thanks to Sharknado, there definitely won’t be a shortage of cheesy monster movies on the market. Expect to be inundated with knock-offs and wannabes in the coming months.

Are you looking forward to Sharktopus Versus Mermantula? Do you think the upcoming sequels will be as popular as SyFy’s Sharknado?

[Image via New Horizons]