Which NFL coaches are on the hot seat now?

For two Coaches the hot seat has got to be burning them up. I am very surprised that neither Wade Phillips and Brad Childress have been fired yet. Of course the key word in that sentence is yet. There is no doubt regime change will come to both Dallas and Minnesota sooner rather than later. The rest of the NFL coaching ranks are a lot murkier to try and ferret out. There are several coaches who deserve firing, but given their situation they may or may not actually get their pink slips.

I would place Mike Singletary, Josh McDaniels, Norv Turner, Eric Mangini, and John Fox on the endangered species list. There is little doubt in my mind that Singletary has lost the 49er locker room. McDaniels has mismanaged the Denver Broncos about as badly as one man not named Matt Millen can. Turner is managing an under performing San Diego Chargers team, but the offense is actually pretty good. Mangini has the specter of Mike Holmgren to deal with, but his team plays very hard they just need more talent, and John Fox has just one win.

Of course I have failed to mention Chan Gailey of the winless Buffalo Bills. Chan may have improved the offense of this team, but they remain a train wreck. Mostly due to the colossal mismanagement of heir Front Office, but we all know that coaches gets fired before front office personnel.

That brings me to Lovie Smith of the Chicago Bears. Lovie was facing a make the playoffs or else kind of season and his team is slumping. Of course given the play of the teams in his division, and really the NFC overall, Lovie might actually make the playoffs. Of course they get games with the Bills and Vikings upcoming to help them overturn a two game losing streak.

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