Austin Head Runs For Office Using Crude Pun As Campaign Slogan

Austin Head has decided to take full advantage of his surname, by using it as a crude b****** pun that is at the heart of his campaign slogan.

Head has released a plethora of poster that read, “Vote Austin Head. I Heart Head,” which have managed to garner him both the attention of the media and public, in Phoenix where he is running to be a member of the Phoenix City Council, and across the world too.

Head is a Phoenix based event promoter and DJ who was attacked in November by two strangers as he walked home from a club. The duo of attackers cornered Head and began to shout homophobic slurs at the openly homosexual 28-year-old, before they began their assault.

Because of the abuse, Head’s eye is damaged, whilst his assailants were arrested and then charged with aggravated assault.

Head told KPHO-TV Channel 5 that he was proud with how Phoenix reacted to his ordeal, and because of their efforts he has now decided to become a politician.

Head announced his candidacy for a seat in District 4 Phoenix City Council, and he has maintained that he Phoenix is a “progressive” city.

The new politician has looked to kick start his campaign with his controversial posters. Some people have embraced his signs, with thieves across the city stealing them, whilst others have reacted furiously.

Arizona state Senator Katie Hobbs, recently tweeted the picture alongside the following:

Head went on to defend his slogan, telling News/Talk 92.3 KTAR that he decided on this phrase so that he could stand out from the other contenders, and then blamed his inexperience for good measure too. Head then concluded, “It’s not the orthodox way of campaigning, and a lot of the political types have questioned it.”

What do you think of Austin Head’s political slogan? Do you think it’s funny?

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